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The dwelling of a Rishi is an Ashram. The dharma and order set by the siddha purusha is the tradition of the Ashram, followed by His faithful sishyas. H.H.Sri Shanthananda Swamigal took to sannyasa at a tender age and attained siddhi after severe tapas aand extensive travel all over India. He established the Bhuvaneswari Adhistanam first at Pudukottai. In 1970 Om Sri Skandashram, Salem came into being. On June 24, 1999  Sri Swamigal established Chennai Om Sri Skandashram when the Kumbhabhishekam to the main deities in the Ashram was performed. For sixty tears, Sri Swamigal through His service to humanity has become renowned for conducting Homams and rare yagnas challenging conventions.

According to Hindu shastras there is a Moolamantra for every Devathai. By reciting this as a japam, the journey of a Devotee towards merging with his Ishta-Devathai begins. A Homam is the avahanam of the Devathai in Agni when all auspicious articles are offered while simultaneously reciting the Mantra. The Mantra’s effect is at once multiplied a hundred times. The offerings to the Devathai during a Homam are multiplied infinitely. A single grain of rice that is offered in the Homam is multiplied by infinity and immediately reached to the Devathai. Imagine every granary in all the worlds beginning to overflow at the offering of just one-grain of rice. Similarly a single flower offered in the Homam is equal to covering the cosmic form of the deity with the fragrance and beauty of that flower. Thus a Homam conducted to strict vedic practices, becomes an immediate force multiplier.  The Devathai so satisfied with the sincerity and conduct of the Devotees, has no alternative but to meet every wish and command.

An important activity of Chennai Om Sri Skandashram is the daily conduct of Prathyangira sarabha sulini koti Homam. The Homam with the Moolamantras of the presiding deities of the Ashram is conducted everyday at the yagasalai as per Sri Swamigal’s directions and according to strict Vedic requirements since Kumbhabhishekam. This Homam is conducted for the welfare of the country and for the benefit of all.

The sincere Devotee of Lord Veerasarabeshwarar, is protected against All enemies, who shall be removed from his path while the howling force of a cyclone. The evil intent of his adversaries caused by their hatred will be burnt away in the ranging forest fire and fruitful uggraham that precedes the arrival of Lord Veerasarabeshwar. Enemies set about demons and asuras causing depression, diseases and death. They can even weave spells of black magic around helpless Devotee. These are uprooted and torn away mercilessly by Uggra Prathyangira Devi. A neighbour, friend, or anyone can cast their evil eye or bad aspersions upon the individual. Unpredictable obstacles and unexplained hurdles prevent the sincere devotee from reaching genuine objectives. Improper timing of actions and inauspicious influence of the grahas create unfortunate and difficult times. The fearsome Sri Soolini Devi will ensure conquest over all the known and unknown enemies of the Devotee. The Mantras of  each of these three devathais is equivalent to the force of a “nuclear weapon”, and this Homam seeks the protection of the oppressed Devotee from all evil and inimical forces.

Devotees are requested to come with their family, and start the Homam with the “sankalpa, in the morning when their name, Nakshtra and details of their family members also will be specially included. Lord Veerasarabeshwar the Kuladevathai of Emperors and Rulers bestows robust heakth, an alert mind and long life to those He protects. Prayers of the genuine Devotee to Lord Veerasarabheshwar soften the harsh tones of prarabdha karma. For the benefit of all mankind and for protection of his near and dear ones by the “Rakshikara Devathais” of this Ashram, the Devotee may participate in the NITHYA PRATHYANGIRA SARABHA SULINI HOMAM and obtain prasadhams on payment of Rs.2,500 as Cash or DD/Cheque. Cheques may be issued to secretary, Chennai Om Sri Skandhaashram.

By making a one time payment of  Rs.20000 to the Corpus Fund, the Donar can specify any one day in a year like a birthday, wedding anniversary or any special occasion. On this day, every year and forever this Homam will be conducted as per the traditions of this Ashram with prior intimation to the Donar and his family. This Homam will become the kavacham for your progency for generations to come.

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