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They serve god well, who serve his creatures             >> Click here for Tamil Version >>

Dear Blessed Souls,

Service is providing assistance to others while charity is giving voluntarily to those is need.  Ideally, Service e and Charity(Seva and Dhaanam) should go together as virtues of heart  amd jamd fpr nes resi;ts/  Service must be extended with sincerity (Sharddtha) and humility (Samvidha), befitting one~s capacity (Shriya) charity must be done to the deserving.

There are three kinds of service.  Material service – helping others with material resources, physical service helping others manually, and the third, service with the mind-helping people with  good wishes, prayers etc.,.  It is obligatory for everybody including saints and seekers to be engaged in service and charity for the welfare of the humanity and to earn the blessings of the Almighty which makes one godly and helps progress in the spiritual path.

Our SADHGURU SRIMATH SANTHANANDA SWAMIGAL  spent His entire life span extending service and doing sacrifice, in all their manifest forms, for the good of the society. He established Ashrams at Pudukkottai, Salem and lastly Our Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam, in Selaiyur Near Tambaram (all in Tamil Nadu) where His Holiness has installed benevolent Deities for the purpose of ennobling every soul through prayers and spiritual practice, conducted Homams and Yagna Karmas with appropriate Moola Mantras for giving mundane relief to the aggrieved, and fed the devotees without discrimination with free food as Devi Prasad.

We, the trusties of Chennai Om Sri Skandashramam Selaiyur, Chennai Consider ourselves blessed to continue the noble objectives of our master (After his siddhi ) with grip and determination, as a visit to the ashram would testify. Invoking the blessings of our guru, we have since enlarged (from January 2005) providing prasadhams on all days arranging to give a full-fledged meals around noon to every devotee in our Annapoorani Bhojana Sala. The served is served after the completion of  Sri Prathyankira Saraba Soolini Homam and attendant Pujas (Performed daily without  fail as per the ordain as our Guru). In line with the vedic script  “Athithi Devo Bhava”, all visitors-devotees are well fed and treated with dignity, sincerity ans as members of Skandashramam family.

Towards making the above Annadhanam Scheme sustained for long without fail, we have proposed a permanent Annadhanam deposit account in a nationalized Bank whereby the interest accruals would go to meet the expenses of the scheme. We would very much look forward to joining the devotees and kind hearted socially conscious public men of charitable disposition to join the above scheme with munificent donations in their name  or others, probably marking a birth day or a wedding day or any day of remembrance or importance, and get the blessings of Sri Matha Bhuvaneswari, our sathgurus and the good wishes of humanity at large.

Incidentally, Annadham is easily the only act to combine service, sacrifice and charity where both the giver and the recipient are wholly satisfied. Pleasantest of all ties is the tie of willing host and satisfied guest. Just us to make things pleasant for all.


All donation to this noble cost is exempted u/s 80G of the Income tax act. Donations by DD’s/cheques/MO’s may be sent in the name of Chennai Om Sri Skandashramam, No:1, Kambar Street, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Selaiyur, Chennai-73.

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